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A slightly more tumblr-friendly version of this picture, which you can get as a postcard (either mine or reapersun’s) in your swag bag if you attend the con!

and even if i looked at those clips THEY NEVER EVEN SAID LOTHLORIEN OR LORIEN ONE TIME what a waste of time and energy 

i just read the part of lotr where they’re in lóthlorien talking to galadriel and shit and i was like ??? how is lòthlorien and lórien pronounced and i decided to see what they say in the movie

why in the heck are all the elves such asshats and galadriel is sketchy as fuuck. i never knew if i should trust her when i watched the movies cus she ust seemed like she was probably going to fuck shit up.

but idk in the book she has one moment where she’s like “yo, if i had the ring i’d be the baddest most beautiful queen ever and i’d kill everyone and look hot as fuck” but then she’s liek “nah man i’d rather everyone lives”. 
the rest of the time she’s calm and beautiful and peaceful. she’s like the embodiment of lóthlorien p much. 

also ??????????????? why is boromir sweatormir in the movies